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Watch ButtonAugust 2015  - Combined Pet Owner/Vet-Pro Edition Preview #9

* Austin's Paralysis Tick Emergency
* Vets Talk! - 'Scrubbing' with Dr Sarah Goldsmid
* Could Dogs Help Human Overcome Dementia?
                     * Hooked! - Daisy's Delicate Op - Dr Sarah Goldsmid
                                * Dr Jayne Weller - Handling Exotics 

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you

Watch ButtonJuly 2015  - Pet Owner Edition Preview #8

* Saving Ksubi From Herself... Again!
* The Benefits Of De-Sexing Dogs! - Dr Erin Keffard
* Cats Revealed - Dr Marty Becker & Dr Kim Kendall
* What The Heck's a 64 Slice CT Scanner? 

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you

June 2015 - PREVIEW - Pet Owner Edition

Watch ButtonJune 2015  - Pet Owner Edition Preview #7

* JET: From Happy To Hell & Back! - Kylie Snerling Kavanagh
* Macaw With Nasty Lung Infection - Dr Jayne Weller
* INSIDE ARH: Diesel's Lymphoma Consult - Dr Amy Lane
* Diesel's Lymphoma Consult - Dr Amy Lane

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you

May 2015 - PREVIEW - Pet Owner Edition

Watch ButtonMay 2015  - Pet Owner Edition Preview #6

* Dealing With Cat Wee - Dr Kim Kendall
* Bravecto... Groundbreaking Tick & Flea Prevention
* Elmo's 2 Day Miracle! (Pet Owner Version)

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you

April 2015 - PREVIEW - Pet Owner Edition

Watch ButtonApril 2015  - Pet Owner Edition Preview #5

* Baby Macaw Emergency - Dr Jayne Weller - ARH Exotics - 
* Bones – Good or Bad for pets? - Dr Christine Hawke
* Pain: It’s Written All Over Their Face - Dr Karina Bech Gleerup
* Trimming Cat Claws Painlessly... For Both Of You - Dr Helen Burns
                      * Zoe The Labrador Says Thanks !

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you  

4th National Whippet ShowWatch ButtonMINI DOCO: 4th Whippet National Championship Show

The DVD of this 3 day event is now ready. To whet your appetite... check out this mini doco to see some of of the amazing things that happened OUTSIDE the ring which we've included in the final DVD.

Like what you see? if you haven't already ordered your own copy - you can do so HERE -  (and remember there are discounts for multiple orders made at the same time and going to the same address PLUS we have a 3 month 'Lay-By' option)

4th National Whippet Show 2015

Watch ButtonORDER NOW! - 4th National Whippet Championship Show DVD

* Hosted by The Whippet Club NSW Inc
* To be held at Hawkesbury Race Club, Clarendon NSW
               * Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1 April, 2015
               * 3 camera 'shoot' over 3 days capturing all the action

Order you DVD's BEFORE the event and save... Watch the promo video for more detail


March 2015 - PREVIEW - Pet Owner Edition

Watch ButtonMarch2015 - Pet Owner Edition Preview #4

* Monet's Cataract Operation - Dr Jeff Smith
* Cafe Purrfection - Dr Kim Kendall
* Top 10 Tips When Buying A Horse - Dr Olivia James
* Hey Louie... Break A Leg! - Dr Jayne Weller

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you 

January 2015 - PREVIEW - Pet OWner Edition

Watch Button

February 2015 - Pet Owner Edition Preview #3

* My Dog Ate WHAT!!?? - Dr Sarah Goldsmid
* Chica's Gentle Dental - Dr John Morgan, Gordon Vet
* 3 Legs? - No Problem For Mr Skittles!
* What A Gas - ARH MRI Refill

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you want! 

January 2015 - PREVIEW - Pet OWner Edition

Watch Button

January 2015 - Pet Owner Edition Preview #2

* Tiny Kitten with a BIG Wee Problem - Dr Sarah Goldsmid
* Christmas Day Emergency - Animal Referral Hospital Team
* VET-PROFILE: Dr Anne Fawcett - Sydney Animal Hospitals
                  * Sally's Incredible Bladder Stones! - Dr Sarah Goldsmid

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you want! 

Dr Sarah Goldsmid and Kaye Browne - VETtalk TV

Watch Button

Introducing VETtalk TV - December 2014 Preview #1

* What So Funny!?

To learn what VETtalk TV is all about and to see what our co-hosts Specialist Surgeon Dr Sarah Goldsmid from Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital & 'Pet & Lifestyle Guru' Kaye Browne are laughing about, just watch the first preview!

With a channel for Pet Owners and another for Veterinary Professionals, you can watch what you want when you want! And don't worry, unless you register as a Vet-Pro, all our stories are 'Family Friendly' - well maybe with the occasional "EEEeewww Factor.. :-)

LIVE CROSS to 2GB for the Dog Lovers Show 2014

Watch Button

Talking Pets - with Kaye Browne on Radio 2GB

* LIVE CROSS... Sydney Dog Lovers Show!
It's the biggest and best event for dog lovers in the southern hemisphere - the annual Sydney Dog Lovers Show held at Sydney's Hordern Pavillion over 3 days.

I caught up with Farmer Dave Graham doing one of his many Dock Dogs demos and an amazing veterinary specialist from the Animal Referral Hospital - Dr Sarah Goldsmid 
PS: - Yes we really did get very wet as you'll see in the video!

How To Stop Dogs Barking!

Listen to this story

* Eau de Oink... AKA 'Spritzing Dogs!' or How To Stop Dogs Barking
Spritzing dogs with a “pig perfume” helps prevent them from barking incessantly, jumping frantically on house guests and from engaging in other unwanted behaviors, according to new research. 
The eau de oink, aka “Boar Mate” or “Stop That,” was formulated by Texas Tech scientist John McGlone, who was looking for a way to curb his Cairn terrier Toto’s non-stop barking. One spritz of the pig perfume seemed to do the trick in an instant without harming his dog.
 Last surving 9/11 dog 'Bretagne' up for heroism award!
Bretagne - thought to be the last still alive having worked at the 9/11 site… now up for a heroism award. (she's 15 which is amazing for a retriever).

PLUS.... Listener Questions

Saving Koalas - Dr Jayne WellerWatch this video

Saving 'Mac' The Koala - Dr Jayne Weller - Animal Referral Hospital
In April 2012, Australia's Koalas were added to the 'Vulnerable' category by our government. That means "a species considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild." All the more reason for Exotics Vet Dr Jayne Weller to be passionate about saving just one!

Kaye Browne & Dr Katrina Warren Talking Ticks & Fleas!Watch this video

Dr Katrina Warren (& Riley!) Talkin' Ticks & Fleas
(+ Limited Time Prize Draw)

Dr Katrina is passionate about educating all pet owners about ticks and fleas. 
Why?.. Because we (pet owners) think we know how to deal with these nasty parasites... but do we really?.. This casual chat with Dr Katrina and 'Smiley Riley' (who BTW does a number of great photo bombs during the chat!) will give you some much needed info on dealing with ticks and fleas an d introduce you to two great new products.

Cats... Master ManipulatorsListen to this story

Cats... They're 'Master Manipulators'! - Dr Richard Gowan
Do you, or someone you know, have a cat that’s contrary?  You know, adores ‘x’ food one day yet turns up their nose at the same food the next? … well you’re not alone.

A new survey of cat owners across Australia has discovered felines are such master manipulators of we ‘mere mortals’, we actually believe a number of myths about cats to be true, things like – the cat eats all day, the cat doesn’t need to exercise and when it comes to food, flavour is more important than smell or texture.

Buzzzzz!  Wrong – but we tracked down Melbourne’s cat-doctor, Dr Richard Gowan from the Melbourne Cat Clinic to find out the truth!



Michael Burling - The DogFatherWatch this video

Revealed! - Australia's #1 Dog Trainer 2014 - Michael Burling
Over the years we've come into contact with some pretty good dog trainers but none quite as unique or as qualified as the winner of this year's MDBA (Master Dog Breeders & Assoc.) National Canine Trainer Of The Year award.

By sheer coincidence we happened to be seated alongside MICHAEL BURLING at the MDBA Awards Dinner in Melbourne and discovered there's much more to this quietly spoken, yet incredibly passionate trainer.

Dr Rob WillisWatch this video

Does Acupuncture Really Work? - Dr Rob Willis
Does acupuncture really relieve pain in our pets?

In humans some people reckon it’s just wishful thinking despite yet another recent scientific study on women in labor finding those being ‘needled’ enjoyed (if that’s the right word) just as much relief as those on conventional medication!

But animals never lie… which is just one of the reasons why Dr Rob Willis has now become
'The Veterinary Acupuncturist.' 

Check him out in this chat on The Pet Talk People (and please... don't just play the video 'cos he looks hot ok? )

About the MDBAListen to this story

About The MDBA - Julie Nelson
The MDBA or 'Master Dog Breeders & Associates' just held their 7th annual Dog Owners Choice Awards. The PET TALK people are proud to announce we were nominated and actually won the category of 'Canine Publication Of The Year'- which includes blogs, websites and magazines.

Having declared that, our chat with Julie Nelson is not because we won - but because we wanted to learn more about the MDBA. 

How did it all start? Why did it start and what makes this tireless worker for 'dog welfare' in Australia get up every day?

What's Pet Home Stay?Watch this video

What's Pet Home Stay? - Tom LeGrice
It was initially set up to help people at their local dog park find a trusted sitter however the concept really took off in Melbourne and now has more than 250 registered sitters across Melbourne and more recently Sydney.

Pet Home Stay is the first and only Australian company to offer peer-to-peer pet sitting liability insurance. That means that If a domestic animal causes an accident or injures a third party, the person in control of the animal is responsible.

Oh So Happy! - Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014Watch this video

Oh So Happy! - Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014
Just a taste of the early morning (7:45am) fun at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show prior to General Specials Day 2014 !

Make sure you check out the international judges, Dogs NSW and 'other officials' very cool dance!  We'll have more video from the dog pavilion soon!

Vale: John Richardson - aka 'The Dog Whisperer'Watch this video

Vale: John Richardson - aka 'The Dog Whisperer'
On the 10th February 2014 - we lost an amazing man... 
John Richardson aka 'The Dog Whisperer'... 

This is his story as told by his wife Hazel and friend John Vella.

Quinn... 'Baaad To The Bone!'Watch this video

Quinn... 'Baaad To The Bone'!
We love your stories and this one in particular is pretty unusual. 

Is it possible Quinn, a Rottie, Staffie, Kelpie cross rescued as a pup was born 'bad' or does he just like to have 'doggy' fun?... Quinn gets himself into all sorts of trouble around the home and has already cost his mum Laura Taylor a stack of money... We thought the 'Bad Boys' theme song by Inner Circle (COPS tv show) was a perfect fit for Quinn who really isn't 'bad' - perhaps just 'misunderstood! :-)

We spoke to Quinn's mum Laura Taylor via Skype mobile.

Couples Use Pets As Practice For KidsListen to this story

Are Aussies Really Using Pets To Practice Parenting Skills?
It would seem so according to a recent survey by Woolworths Insurance, two thirds of Australians believe owning a pet is a great way to practice becoming a parent with many couples seeing pets and children as a similar responsibility. 

Check out some of the amazing facts this survey found!

Never Doubt Female IntuitionWatch this video

Preview: Never Doubt Female Intuition - Linda Buckley
Doctors do a fabulous job, however... sometimes you just can't go past a woman's intuition. Another preview video from our up-coming documentary "Chasing Satin" helping to raise funds and awareness for cancer in males, females & dogs - available Sept/Oct 2014. Our thanks to local & international Dog Show Judge Linda Buckley for allowing us to post this preview.

We'll have more info about how you can get involved in the 'Chasing Satin' project soon!

Both Ends Of The LeadWatch this video

Canine Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation - Tim Norris
Taken straight from his website, Tim Norris say's "Our dogs may not understand our every word, but they do respond to our body language and movement. What happens at one end of the lead will naturally affect what happens at the other. It's important to be aware of your own well-being as well as that of your dog." We couldn't have said it better!

Watch the video then check out: www.bothendsofthelead.com.au

Polite Pets Month!Watch this video

March is Polite Pets Month + Watch My Dog Sit Challenge! - Dr Andrew O'Shea
Something a little different for 'Polite Pets Month' this year, the AVA or Australian Veterinary Association's initiative to remind pet owners every March about their pet's behaviour and to encourage them to take action via their local vet, behaviourist or trainer if they feel more work is needed to help with anxiety, stress and many other issues. But this year is different with the announcement of the 2015 'Watch My Dog Sit' Guinness Book of Records challenge! Reckon your dog could sit quietly with several hundred others and have their photo taken? Kaye spoke with the President of the AVA Behaviour Interest Group Dr Andrew O'Shea.

For more information or to download the AVA's great behaviour info sheets, just go to http://www.ava.com.au

Solving Dog Anxiety ProblemsWatch this video

Solving Anxiety Problems - Dr Jo Righetti
BOOOM... CRAAAASSSHHH! - Thunder...Lighting and even just being alone when we go off to work can make dogs suffer a range of serious anxiety problems. It can be VERY frightening for them! - Watch this video to WIN a free copy of Dr Jo Righetti's e-book 'Dog Anxiety Problems Solved' as she gives us a few quick tips to help solve the problem.

WARNING: Rabbit CalicivirusWatch this video

WARNING: Rabbit Calicivirus Update For Pet Owners.
Dr Jayne Weller - Unusual & Exotic Animals Vet - ARH
Despite being seen as 'cute' feral rabbits actually destroy the land and local wildlife. While it may never be possible to completely eradicate them, local councils need to continually carry out regular culling. This is achieved by the use of the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) -- also known as the Rabbit Calicivirus. A solution is applied to chopped carrots, and once eaten by a rabbit, the virus spreads quickly through rabbit-to-rabbit contact and via biting insects, such as mosquitoes. The 'downside' is that the virus does not discriminate between feral and pet rabbits - so to avoid your pet rabbit succumbing to the virus, it is vital that you vaccinate every year against the virus.

For more information visit - ARH or Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney

A Virtual Tour - Animal Referral HospitalWatch this video

A Virtual Tour - Animal Referral Hospital Sydney
Ever wondered what happens inside a busy veterinary hospital? 
ARH or Animal Referral Hospital at Homebush is a major 'state of the art' facility caring for all kinds of pets 24/7. They also have another facility at Baulkham Hills. This virtual tour takes you right inside where most pet owners never go! This is a video we made for ARH's display stand at the recent Sydney Pet & Animal Expo.

So... You Think You Want A Puppy?...

Watch this video

So... You Want A Puppy? - 'Melody' Wk 2.. or is it 3?

*** WARNING** Story contains some cute puppy footage ***
Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time... or it can be a disaster! Our Associate Producer Wendy Herne is no stranger to having puppies around although she confesses it has been some years!... This is the second in an on-going series of chats via Skype to see first-hand the good the bad and the occasionally 'not so pretty' side of bringing up Melody.

You can check out our first 'Melody' Skype chat here: http://youtu.be/uKA9S0mVWVY

Pet Search 'Secrets' + Why A Photo Is So Important!Watch this video

Pet Search 'Secrets' + Why A Photo Is So Important!
Pet Search has been helping frantic owners of lost pets to get them back home safely for more than 20 years now. Since 2006 Lee Jefferies has been the driving force behind it all and in so doing has helped make Pet Search a household name. Our chat with Lee explains all about the service and in particular what to do if ever your pet goes missing plus why a photo is so important..

Dr Lisa Chimes & Nelson - Dealing with Heat StressWatch this video

Dr Lisa Chimes - Catch-up & Solving Heat Stress
When a shy young lady by the name of 'Lisa' was first on our old networked Pet Talk Radio show several years ago she was in her final year of 'vet school' and about to graduate. We all fell in love with her infectious laugh, natural smile and obvious talent. Now - as Dr Lisa Chimes she is a practising vet at Sydney Animal Specialist Hospital and co-stars alongside Dr Chris Brown in the smash TV hit series 'Bondi Vet'. We managed to catch up with Dr Lisa again to find out what she's been up to and to get a few tips from her for keeping pets de-stressed during our Aussie summer heatwave.

Future Vet Kids Camp 2014Watch this video

Future Vet Kids Camp - 2014 - Highlights
Canadian vet Dr Scott Bainbridge loves Australia so much he's imported a special camp for young kids down-under wanting to be veterinarians. This video is a short 'highlight's' package to give you an idea of what went on during January school holiday time. We'll have more video from the Future Vet Kids Camp 2014 held in Sydney soon!

Meet Melody - The First Night!Watch this video

Meet Melody - New Cocker Spaniel Puppy - First Night!
with Wendy Herne
Our Assoc. Producer Wendy has a new puppy - Melody - a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. Over the next few weeks we'll be chatting with Wendy via Skype and seeing some of her videos in the hope that anyone considering getting a puppy themselves, can see what's involved. This week Wendy explains what the first night was really like!

The Cost Of Veterinary Care EXPLAINEDWatch this video

The Cost Of Veterinary Care EXPLAINED!
with ARH Emergency Clinician Dr Ingrid Goodman
A recent news story about a pet owner in Victoria who was furious when asked to provide an up-front payment to the tune of $2,000 prior to vets treating her dog got us thinking... is this normal? To find out why some vets ask for up-front payments, we thought we'd get some professional advice from Emergency Clinician Dr Ingrid Goodman from the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney who has to deal with this type of situation every day...

Molly's 'Secret Angels'Watch this video

Molly's 'Secret Angels' - a Story Of Survival!
She emerged burnt, battered and bruised from the ashes of one of Australia's worst bushfires  and was given up for dead by the first responders. But it took the skills of caring veterinarians and devoted vet nurses to bring her back to life.

This is Molly's story....

Sydney City Dock Dogs 'SUMMER SPLASH 2013'Watch this video

Sydney City Dock Dogs "SUMMER SPLASH 2013"
Ever wondered what all the fuss is about the latest canine sport called 'Dock Dogs'?This short (& funny!) video 'primer' reveals all... and you can get involved too....!

Check out their Facebook page for more info:

Dr Marty Becker - America's Vet!

Listen to this story Veterinary Rip-off or Appalling Journalism? - Dr Marty Becker
Well known American veterinarian and former 
ABC 'Good Morning America' regular Dr Marty Becker recently quit his association with that network over a story he was interviewed for on the '20/20' show. Dr Becker thought he was talking up the benefits of preventative health care - particularly when it comes to dental care - for pets however the '20/20' story actually sought to show that veterinarians were over-servicing pet owners by using an 'undercover' dog! Was he ‘hijacked’? Was there a ‘hidden agenda?’ and will pet owners be reluctant to follow their vet’s advice after this? 

Thanks to our good friends Hal & Judy at www.animalradio.com Dr Becker explains his decision to quit the network after 17 years and his concerns for pet owners and their pets flowing on from that very negative story. 

PLEASE NOTE: This story (and the back story) applies equally to our Aussie vets whom we support 100%
If you have a story good or bad to share about our vets let us know via our Facebook page

How Safe Is YOUR Dog?Watch this video

Scary Stuff! - 23 out of 25 Dog Car Harnesses FAILED - NRMA Insurance Report
We were invited to see first hand just what happens to an un-restrained dog at the recent NRMA Insurance 'dog harness crash test' 2013 held in Sydney. We can tell you that 23 out of 25 dog car harnesses available in Australia FAILED.  We'd love to know how YOU secure your dog when travelling!

Dogs That WANT To Work! - Sgt Steve White

Watch this video

Dogs That WANT to Work! - Sgt Steve White with Farmer Dave Graham
There are dog trainers… and then… there’s Steve White – or more correctly Sgt Steve White from the Seattle Canine Police Unit in the US, who also runs a very successful business called ProActive K9Steve was the Keynote Speaker at the recent inaugural Australian Working Dog Alliance conference at Sydney University – tween times running two 2-day tracking and training seminars hosted by Farmer Dave’s Australian Canine Sports and Training CentreIt was there The Pet Talk People’s Farmer Dave Graham got to sit down with Steve to find out more about the man and why his training methods have changed so dramatically over the years.

Workin' Like A Dog!Watch this video

Workin' Like A Dog!
Sydney was recently host to a major 'world first' in terms of improving the health and welfare of a very important group of dogs... a very VERY large group... Working dogs! The event was the inaugural  'Australian Working Dog Alliance' conference -- and you'll be surprised when you see & hear what advances are already underway. Of course trying to encapsulate a 2 day conference with 30 something speakers is a challenge - but Sydney University's Prof. Paul McGreevy helped us out!

Gotta Love Ferrets!

Watch this video

Gotta Love Ferrets!
Sue O'keefe is passionate about a lot of things. Her medieval re-enactments, her partner Mick, her dogs... but more than anything she is passionate about ferrets - a much misunderstood and sadly much abused and often neglected species. This story is about Sue's love and passion for ferrets and how she established 'Five Star Ferrets Accommodation & Rescue'.

Chula's Re-Hab!Watch this video

Chula's Re-Hab!
A news story (11/11/13) on a paralysed Doberman being given a second chance - http://bit.ly/1dX7tpM - reminded us of our own story we did on our most recent trip to the USA as 'Pet Talk Radio' when we visited Dr James St. Claire in Connecticut USA. This timeless story is from our 'Archives' but we hope you will still enjoy. Or LISTEN to an expanded version here 

REVIEW: No-brainer Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Lovers!

Watch this video

Review: 'No-Brainer' Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Lovers!
One of the biggest challenges facing pet owners like you and us... is how to keep our homes clean...without losing our sanity. Dog hair, cat fur, bird feathers... not to mention the bits of grass and dirt that seem to cling to our pets outdoors... but drop off on your newly cleaned floors and furniture the minute they step inside. So we were just a little excited when the makers of one of the very latest in robotic vacuum units asked if we'd be interested in trying their product and giving a review...

Poodle *STARS* In Vodafone Ad!Watch this video

Poodle * STARS * In Vodafone Ad - Behind The Scenes!
Bridget - the beautiful standard poodle whose equally beautiful mum Prue Hammond won the recent Purina GroomQuest Creative Contest, continues her upward rise to fame. The good people at Vodafone wanted something a little 'different' for their next series of advertisements so what better than a classy well groomed poodle pulling a cute skater!... This video is just a snapshot style 'behind the scenes' look at the day the shoot took place.... In reality it took more that a dozen takes and 4 hours for the video part plus another 2 hours for the still photos. In fact some people have already seen the finished still shots at local bus stops around the country.   

Grooming Secrets Revealed!Watch this video

Grooming is not just dogs!!!.... wait until you see the world's first cat creative pix!...
If you thought dog grooming was just a quick wash, blow-dry, face clip and nail trim then think again! This 20min documentary takes a look behind the scenes at the hottest contestants who participated in the Purina Groomquest 2013 held at Castle Hill - Sydney NSW. With no less than three international judges and competitors from across Australia and around the world, the event has taken grooming to a whole new level.

Passion 'APP'lied - Clare MannWatch this video

Have you ever wondered who's behind all the latest apps for mobile phones and tablet devices?

If you thought it was just a bunch of nerdy tech guys working for some international hi-tech company in Silicon Valley, you're in for a surprise with our next story. Clare Mann from Communicate 31 -- a local Aussie business is co-creator of the Animal Effect app which links pet & animal lovers with news & events they might otherwise have missed. Kaye Browne caught up with Clare recently and learnt there's even more to this very clever lady than first meets the eye...

Dr Katrina Warren - Arthritis

Watch this video Popular celebrity TV vet Dr Katrina Warren knows a lot about arthritis!
Since becoming a 'foster failure' after adopting 'Riley' from Golden Retriever Rescue some years ago, she has seen first hand what happens as dogs from an unknown background age - not always gracefully - and need help to cope with aches & pains! In this intimate chat with Kaye Browne, Dr Katrina reveals her secrets to keeping Riley 'young for his age' and explains how he's blended in so well with Katrina's family. Our thanks toRosehip Vital Caninefor arranging this exclusive chat with Dr Katrina.

The Calgary Model Explained - Bill Bruce

 Watch this videoEver heard of 'The Calgary Model'?
How can a quietly spoken Canadian from Calgary called Bill Bruce initiate such incredible changes to dog management laws that pet owners in that city not only willingly renew their annual dog licence -- but feel good about it too?! Our thanks to the Barristers Animal Welfare Panelor 'BAWP' who brought Bill Bruce to Australia for a nationwide series of seminars to explain first hand why he knows breed bans don't work -- and what does. 

FB-400 Dog Portrait Artist

Watch this videoTo watch Helene do a 'quick sketch' from a photo on her iPhone is art in itself! 
You'll be amazed at the drawing she does 'live' for us that took less than 10 mins - but we've sped it up for you of course :-)
Check out Helene's website
http://www.heleneruma.com - The Dog Portrait Artist - love yer work!!

Farmer Dave's Alternative Sheep Food

Watch this videoFarmer Dave's Alternative Sheep Food
Ever wondered what happens to all that perfectly good food supermarkets & fruit and veggie stores throw out every day? Some of it goes to charity of course but most doesn't - however Farmer Dave Graham has come up with a great use... feeding sheep!

Camp K9 - What You Missed!

Watch this video'AWESOME' Is Just One Word To Describe Camp K9!
Thanks to DogLOGIC's Trudi Thorpe & Julie Adams and Danielle Lyonne of Animax Photography fame for allowing us total access to the entire weekend! This video shows just a fraction of what went on... Agility, Treiball, Nosework, Retrieving, Rally-O and more... Check it out!

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